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Logo Progects

This is a logo made for jewelry shop in Russia. The word "Selena" translates as a Moon, so in logo I used the circle as an allegory of full moon and combined it with a diamond cut adding to that the suitable font.

The logo "LaStrong" was made for a sport company in Russia. The idea was to find a bold strong font and add a characteristic point in the end. This point was made as a shield contour in the letter "G".

The same ask came to me from the FMS company. They wanted to show protection and strength that they provide on the finance market. Here you can see my logotype on their website in work:

Harp&Fiddle is an Irish pub. I wanted to be as traditional as possible, so made their logo look as an old fashion styled.

Kibi is a media center in Russia. I wanted to show how versatile they are and this is why you can see two different forts used in the word "КиБи".

The Basket logo was made in Russia for a basketball club. The rectangular is an allegory of playground and two points are two players on opposite sides of the game.

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