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​I'm Maria, a 26 year old Content Creator passionate about travel, food, video, graphic design, sunny weather, beaches and dogs. Based in Alicante, Spain.
I speak English, Spanish and Russian.


My love to visual content started 10 years ago. I made a degree in Graphic design, was doing a lot of freelance and then worked for 4 years in American media company.


My experience in video creation is huge and I am more than happy to help you as a Content Creator to make video and photo content for your business.

I am always on the hunt for the latest trends and ideas that will engage my audience and keep them coming back for more. I take pride in my ability to create content that's authentic and relatable. It's such a great feeling when I see my followers connecting with my videos and sharing them with their own friends.

I am constantly challenging myself to push the boundaries of what's possible with social media video content. It`s exciting to think about what the future holds!

  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • Youtube


Here are the latest examples of tourism videos I made on Lanzarote Island, in Alicante and Madrid.

Vlog from the 5-day trip to Lanzarote Island

Restaurants and Cafes

Here are the latest examples of my works for restaurants and cafes that are situated in Madrid, Alicante and Lanzarote.

Hotels and Airbnbs

In these videos you can see content created by me relatable to accommodation services.

Villa Cezar Photos